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Exhibition Display
Back-Illuminated Print Display and OLED Mouting System

Si-Huis Exhibition Display. Carbon fiber, rubber and polyester film

The Crane Lamp can be used as a back-lit exhibition display, or as an OLED mounting system. Pictured here, photographed solely by the light of other Si-Huis Crane Lamps; made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, polyester membrane, and rubber. Stand is more stable than any traditional stand - its extreme flexibility combined with a weighted boom system means that it can return the energy of even considerable impacts; it can be kicked hard even, without falling over. This stability can be increased for high traffic areas with sandbags.

Lamp/mounting system design and build by Michael Simon Toon, co-produced with Burton Landhuis and Vera Van Pelt. Featured here with inkjet-printed diffuser (“Holly the Cow” image by Burton Landhuis) measuring 36" x 36".

Provisional patents have been filed for the diffuser, tripod and boom system.

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